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4 Great Hiking Trails near Waterlily Bay Resort

Make sure you pack your hiking boots and be prepared to explore some incredible scenery. Terrace is a hiker’s paradise with about 20 different hikes near the city, and these four hiking trails are located very close to Waterlily Bay Resort, ranging from a leisurely stroll to a heart-pumping climb!


Clearwater Lakes Trail (moderate hike)

From Waterlily Bay, drive south for about 12 km along Hwy 37 past Furlong Bay Provincial Park campground. Pull into the Onion Lake Ski Trails parking lot.  Clearwater Lakes Trail is a 6 km moderate hike that begins at Onion Lake and runs through an old growth forest reserve which encompasses Onion, Big Clearwater and Little Clearwater Lakes.  The trail is fairly level most of the way, but can be a bit rough with rocks and roots.  This trail also has a short side trail to a lookout point with a view of the Lakelse Lake Valley. Recently, interpretative signage has been installed to provide information on the flora and fauna of the area. The lakes are also great for canoeing and kayaking.


Gunsight Lake Trail (moderate to difficult hike)

From Waterlily Bay, drive south for 4 km along Highway 37 to Furlong Bay Provincial Park campground. The trailhead is accessed via the gravel pit road. Walk past the first gate and keep to the right prior to the gravel pit. Follow the old road paralleling the power line for approximately 200m until you reach the trailhead. Parking is limited. Do not park in front of any gates or block access to the gravel pit.  The trail is a moderate to difficult 6.5 km trail that leads to a scenic alpine lake and ridges. From the highway, the trail follows along the north side of Granite (Hatchery) Creek past a number of small waterfalls. Of special interest, located approximately 0.5 km from the trailhead, the remains of the original Dominion Government hatchery can be seen between the trail and the creek. After 3 km, the trail crosses the creek and begins to climb steeply for another 3 km into alpine. The last half km takes you through an alpine meadow to Gunsight Lake. For hikers not interested in undertaking the steep climb to the Lake, the bridge at 3 km is a good location to take a break and return to the trailhead.


Twin Spruce Trail (easy walk)

From Waterlily Bay, drive south for approx. 4 km along Hwy 37 to Furlong Bay Campground in Lakelse Lake Provincial Park. Turn into the campground and follow the road to the beach parking lot. The trailhead is near the south west end of the parking lot.  This is an easy 2 km walk that winds through impressive old growth forests of cedar, hemlock and Sitka spruce.  Watch for spawning salmon on the beach trail.  During July and August, interpretive walks at Twin Spruce Trail are hosted by the Lakelse Watershed Stewards Society, with knowledgeable biology students sharing information about fish species, fish habitat, local vegetation, invertebrates and bats.


Gruchy’s Beach (easy walk)

From Waterlily Bay, drive north for approx. 2.3 km along Hwy 37 to Gruchy’s Beach day use area.  An easy 1 km trail that follows along Williams Creek through an old growth forest this trail has a number of boardwalks and leads to a sandy swimming beach with good wildlife viewing opportunities.  Take the turnoff near the start of the trail to the Williams Lake Viewing Platform during August to view salmon sockeye spawning on the creek.


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