Things to do

  • Lake Lakelse

    The name “Lakelse” comes from the Coast Tsimshian language word “LaxGyels”, meaning “fresh water mussel” for the mollusk that is found on the bottom of both Lakelse Lake and Lakelse River.

  • Hiking

    Make sure you pack your hiking boots and be prepared to explore some incredible scenery. Terrace is a hiker’s paradise with about 20 different hikes near the city, and these four hiking trails are located very close to Waterlily Bay Resort, ranging from a leisurely stroll to a heart-pumping climb!

  • Fishing

    Terrace is home to world-class fishing, and the Skeena River system offers unparallel opportunities for salmon, steelhead, and trout. Waterlily Bay Resort is ideally located within this river system, on the shores of Lakelse Lake, connected to prime rivers such as the Lakelse River. For your fishing convenience, we have a boat launch and dock on site.

  • Wild Life

    Waterlily Bay is located at the incredibly beautiful Lakelse Lake, surrounded by an old growth coastal forest with diverse wildlife populations and plant communities.  The Kermodei bear, a white species of black bear, is native to the Terrace area.  Coyote, moose, wolf, cougar and many other mammals can also be found in the Lakelse Lake area.

  • Terrace

    Make no mistake, spending time at Lakelse Lake is definitely one of the top things to do while in Terrace, but as you will be living the dream at the lake on your trip, here are some other activities to do while you stay in the Terrace area

  • Day Trips

    When you stay at Waterlily Bay, you have a home base to visit some of our neighbours for the day!

  • Winter Activities

    Winter is an excellent time to enjoy the mountain scenery and serenity of the lake at Waterlily Bay Resort. For several months, the  Lakelse Lake area is transformed into a winter wonderland, and you’ll find some of the best winter activities here. Winter season usually begins in November and can stretch into March.  After a day of winter activities, head back to the cottage, and kick back in front of the cozy fireplace and enjoy a hot beverage!


Waterlily Bay Resort

3812 Waterlily Bay Road

Terrace, BC V8G 0G1


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