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Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič

Waterlily Bay Resort is located on the incredibly beautiful Lakelse Lake, surrounded by an old growth coastal forest with diverse wildlife populations and plant communities. The Kermodei bear, a white species of black bear, is native to the Terrace area.  Coyote, moose, wolf, cougar and many other mammals can also be found in the Lakelse Lake area.  

Lakelse Lake contains regionally important migratory and over-wintering waterfowl range.  About 100 bird species have been counted in this area, including Canada geese, bald eagles, ospreys, and trumpeter swans.  In the evenings, listen to the haunting call of the loons that live around the lake, or watch the bald eagles and the osprey soaring quietly in the wind currents above the lake and the majestic cedar trees.  Catch a glimpse of the Trumpeter Swan, the largest species of North American waterfowl which was once on the brink of extinction.  A group of these swans spend the winter at Lakelse Lake.  

Lakelse Lake and its connecting rivers and streams have an abundance of cutthroat trout, rainbow trout, Dolly Varden, whitefish, bull trout, and all five species of Pacific Salmon (chinook, chum, coho, sockeye, pink), with steelhead trout found in the rivers.  The park contains internationally significant salmon spawning and rearing habitat, and there is a viewing platform near the Williams Creek bridge to observe the salmon spawning in August.


Wildlife Viewing & Ethics

While catching a glimpse of a bear or any species of wildlife is definitely a highlight for most travellers, please act responsibly to keep them wild and healthy and to keep yourself safe.  Please do not feed wildlife or provoke them.

Make sure you are familiar with bear safety techniques before any hike or backcountry activity. Don’t surprise or approach bears; bears will usually move out of the way if they hear people approaching, so make noise and hike in groups.


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